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Medical Esthetician

Vinny Nguyen, owner and founder of Royce Spa, has established himself as a successful entrepreneur in the city of Fort Collins and for over a decade has perfected his skills in the beauty business. In that time he has built a reputation as a master artist in eyelash extensions and microblading. He performs everything in the world of esthetics including cosmetic injections and laser. Originally earning his degree in hospitality management in his home country of Vietnam, he then completed his bachelor’s in biochemical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Vinny is honored to serve the public of Colorado and believes that luxury services deserve an ambience in kind and a highly trained staff. He prides himself on his attention to detail and hopes that guests will feel at home inside Royce Spa. He has envisioned more than a salon, but an entire world for patrons to escape to for the ultimate in fun and relaxation.

Vinny Nguyen

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