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Basic Lash Extensions

This is a 2-3 day training course, depending on the size of the class. The course will include lecturing and practicing. On the lecture day, our trainer will cover basics to advanced knowledge that students must know as future lash artists.


  • Basic knowledge about natural lashes 

  • Fundamentals about lash extensions: materials, curl, length, and thickness

  • Fundamentals about lash adhesives: chemical components, glues in relation to climate, and so on

  • Identifying different lash tweezers and how to use them

  • Identifying different lash extension effects/styles and practicing mapping on gel pads

  • Troubleshooting the possible issues 

  • Pre-treatment and post-care


 On the practice days, students will practice on both mannequin and live models


  • Prep models 

  • How to apply Gel Pads

  • How to use tape to support during lashing 


Lash Kit (good for 15-20 clients) will include:

  • 2 bottles of glue

  • 8 trays of lashes (8mm-15mm)

  • 1 lash board 

  • 2 tweezers 

  • 1 cleanser 

  • 20 pairs of gel pads

  • 1 remover

  • 2 different types of tape

  • 20 spoolie Brushes 

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