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Management Team

Johnny Huynh

Johnny has always been an artist. After earning his degree in fine arts from Monroe College in Rochester, New York, he freelanced as an interior designer for both residential and commercial spaces. Johnny is a highly experienced nail technician and has been working in the business for thirteen years, three of which he spent managing one of the largest and busiest nail salons in Denver. He left it specifically to join Vinny and his team, where he both manages and executes the highest levels of design in nails. He has established himself in Fort Collins as a uniquely gifted artist whose clients bring him incredibly complicated requests that sometimes take hours to complete. Often clients will opt for nail "omakase" (like sushi selected by the chef) wherein they allow him to surprise them with his choice of art. He is usually booked out a month in advance due to the high demand of his services.

Chloé Huang

Chloe began her journey in the world of fashion and design, earning her degree in both before turning her sights to nails and lashes. She is a master artist with eight years of experience. Her no-nonsense work ethic lends itself well to managing, in which capacity she has served at our sister location for over three years. Chloe is known for her speed and accuracy and is highly sought after for her impeccable attention to detail. She trained directly under Master Vinny in his method of lashing. Chloe will fearlessly deliver the client's wishes for shaping and mapping in lash extensions and she can tackle the most intricate of designs in nail art.

Micala Schultz

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